Less talk, more demonstration

As a trusting family business we’d love it if we had already convinced you about the relevance of total system integration, just because we said so.  But naturally not everyone is that confiding, and we won’t ask you to simply take our word for it. It’s okay to ask for evidence, for some proof we’re not just dreaming about personalised lights or automatically operating helicopter decks. Let’s demonstrate the actual dreams we’ve realised, our most creative projects where we’ve applied smart technologies to solve complex inquiries. This is not a portfolio with our newest or biggest projects. It’s a testimony of our smartest, most comprehensive and coherent, therefore most relevant work.

MY Sherpa

Built number: 815

Year: 2018                

Length: 73.60m / 241’6’’

Speed: 15.7 knots

MY Anna

Built number: 1007

Year: 2018

Length: 110.00m / 360’10’’

Speed: 14.0 knots


MY Faith

Built number: 1006

Year: 2017

Length: 96.55m / 316’9’’

Speed: 17.0 knots


MY Madame GU

Built number: 1004

Year: 2013                

Length: 99.00m / 324’10’’

Speed: 15.7 knots

MY Symphony

Built number: 808

Year: 2015

Length: 101.50m / 333’00’’

Speed: 22.0 knots

MY Hampshire II

Built number: 806

Year: 2012                

Length: 78.50m / 257’7’’

Speed: 16.0 knots

MY Pamela V

Built number: 246

Year: 2011                

Length: 44.9m / 147’3’’

Speed: 14.0 knots

SY Athos

Built number: 088

Year: 2010                

Length: 62.0m / 203’41’’

Speed: 14.0 knots