Specialists on board

Optimal yachting through total system integration

Building a yacht is more than installing cables, generators, lights or an IT system. As a total integrator De Keizer plans the entire installation into the finest details, creating harmony in every single device and every wire installed, maximizing yacht experience by connecting and synergising networks all over the vessel. Whereas the company started with electrical installations, we are nowadays providing everything from power supply to yacht control and every technological experience you can imagine on board.

Reliable yachting starts here

Each electrical system starts with power; the same applies to super yachts. In the absence of power supply from the shore, yachts rely on generators, and battery banks to keep the operation running. De Keizer has dedicated an incredible amount of time and resources to achieve solid solutions to organise power supply, distribution and propulsion without any interruptions. Power is the start of our electric chain and in order to guarantee full functioning of all integrated systems, we make sure the network is laid out with the utmost precision and equipped with the best technology.


Safer yachting through technology

No captain or owner will ever deny the relevance of being able to control each and every part of the yacht. Whereas Control merely used to take place at the bridge and engine room, the newest technology allows us to create AMCS, Navigation and Security controls in other areas of the yacht, even off the vessel. Safety prevails over technology though, that’s why we’ve build redundant systems and encrypted or exclusive networks to operate these new ways of yacht Control.


The beauty of synergy

A fulfilling yachting experience starts with a carefree arrival by tender or helicopter, which seamlessly coheres with the ambiance on board. We’re standardising a completely undisturbed yachting experience, which doesn’t stop at silent sailing without vibrations. We’re assuring all lights, sounds, images and even the temperature are customised to your utmost convenience. This optimised experience is seamlessly adapted all over the yacht, even if you change rooms or move outside. Our team of experts can make your wildest dreams come true. Or perhaps even more: an outer space experience with lights, sounds and effects you never even dared to dream of?