Hybrid Technology

The DekaSmartGrid is an intelligent solution that consists of technology and software to optimise the use of power onboard. Superyachts use generators that rarely work to their best in a conventional setup. The DekaSmartGrid ensures that they are used more efficiently and that any surplus power generated is stored in batteries for use later. This results in lower fuel consumption, while the generators will not suffer from the build-up of soot – enhancing the performance and lifespan of the generators.

DekaSmartGrid benefits

  • Silent period
  • Environment friendly
  • Fewer generator starts
  • Shore support
  • Enhanced power quality
  • Noise reduction
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to use

Power generation resources are used efficiently

DekaSmartGrid ensures that power generation resources are used efficiently. It controls and loads generators so that these are used at optimal efficiency. Any extra power generated is used to charge a battery pack. This stored energy can be used to meet peak demands exceeding generator capacity, in place of shore connection capacity or for silent periods. Efficient use of generators means fewer starts and lower fuel consumption, this reducing operational cost of the power plant. It also minimizes the buildup of soot, enhancing the performance and lifespan of the generators while benefiting the environment and reducing maintenance cost.
The addition of batteries provides luxury comfort with emission and noise free periods on board.

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The Guys in Red

This year a fascinating breed of vertebras was present at the Monaco Yacht show; the “Homo Inventor Roseus”, better known as “The Guys in Red”. Yes, that was us.

My Tech Team business alliance in Antibes

During the Monaco Yacht Show Oculus Technologies presented a brand new Antibes demo office with the installation of the YachtEye 2.0 system set to mark the opening.

West Palm Beach, Florida

The two biggest sailing areas for yachts are the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean. De Keizer had subsidiaries already in Spain and France – but not yet “across the pond”.

Opening party sales office Antibes 22nd of april 2016

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Electrotechnical activities

De Keizer designs, develops and manufactures electrotechnical systems in close cooperation with the yacht owner and the yard. 

Research & Development

Innovating and staying ahead of the latest developments are essential values in the operational vision of De Keizer.


The DekaSmartGrid is an intelligent solution that consists of technology and software to optimise the use of power onboard.

Switchboard Construction

The specialised engineers of De Keizer ensure that all switchboards are made with the utmost precision and function perfectly in line with the wishes and demands of the clients.

Entertainment & Control

We design your entertainment set-up by listening to your ideas and developing a system that exceeds your expectations.


Dekasis is a decentralised AMC (alarm, monitoring and control) system developed by De Keizer based upon our years of experience in automating electrotechnical systems on luxury yachts.


MY Cary Ali | 2015

Balk Shipyard


MY Halo | 2015



MY Royal Romance | 2015


SY Topaz (J8) | 2015

Holland Jachtbouw