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Let’s reduce down time and improve the quality of yachting. We believe we can improve your yachting experience by making the entire yacht life cycle a wonderful carefree journey. We strive to realize technological dreams and to keep downtime at the bare minimum, without ever forgetting to take care about the finest details. Dedicated craftsmanship and precision run in our family.

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November 1, 2020

Eekels | TBI restarts De Keizer Marine Engineering in Zaandam

Eekels, a subsidiary of TBI Holdings, reached agreement with the trustees on November 1, 2020 about a relaunch of De Keizer Marine Engineering in Zaandam, which was declared bankrupt on October 15. With this restart, the majority of the employees of De Keizer Marine Engineering will keep their jobs.

Eekels chooses to do this relaunch because the activities of De Keizer fit very well in the strategy of Eekels. This relaunch will strengthen the position of Eekels in the superyacht building market and in the western part of the Netherlands. Four large yards support this restart.


Specialists on board

Optimal yachting through total system integration

Building a yacht is more than installing cables, generators, lights or an IT system. As a total integrator De Keizer plans the entire installation into the finest details, creating harmony in every single device and every wire installed, maximizing yacht experience by connecting and synergising networks all over the vessel. Whereas the company started with electrical installations, we are nowadays providing everything from power supply to yacht control and every technological experience you can imagine on board.

Reliable yachting starts here

Each electrical system starts with power; the same applies to super yachts. In the absence of power supply from the shore, yachts rely on generators, and battery banks to keep the operation running. De Keizer has dedicated an incredible amount of time and resources to achieve solid solutions to organise power supply, distribution and propulsion without any interruptions. Power is the start of our electric chain and in order to guarantee full functioning of all integrated systems, we make sure the network is laid out with the utmost precision and equipped with the best technology.


Safer yachting through technology

No captain or owner will ever deny the relevance of being able to control each and every part of the yacht. Whereas Control merely used to take place at the bridge and engine room, the newest technology allows us to create AMCS, Navigation and Security controls in other areas of the yacht, even off the vessel. Safety prevails over technology though, that’s why we’ve build redundant systems and encrypted or exclusive networks to operate these new ways of yacht Control.


The beauty of synergy

A fulfilling yachting experience starts with a carefree arrival by tender or helicopter, which seamlessly coheres with the ambiance on board. We’re standardising a completely undisturbed yachting experience, which doesn’t stop at silent sailing without vibrations. We’re assuring all lights, sounds, images and even the temperature are customised to your utmost convenience. This optimised experience is seamlessly adapted all over the yacht, even if you change rooms or move outside. Our team of experts can make your wildest dreams come true. Or perhaps even more: an outer space experience with lights, sounds and effects you never even dared to dream of?


All in the family

We've reinvented service

No matter if you’re an existing customer or new to The Guys in Red, we’re always ready to lend a helping hand. No matter if it’s consultancy, development or installation, we’ll offer support for anything you might need; no matter when or where. From engineering to service and training, all from under one roof.

A new journey awaits

Building a new yacht is a long-term project and a major investment. It is critical that the right team is selected for your specific needs and a good partner will serve as an invaluable liaison between the client and the shipyard, keeping the yard informed about decisions and requirements on behalf of the owner and maintaining the balance between both parties. De Keizer is there for you to help you figure out and get exactly what you want; our New-Build project management team will transform your concept into reality.

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As good as new simply won’t do,
we’ll get you up to date


Every couple of years you will need repairs, maintenance or even a complete refit to renew your yacht to your liking. De Keizer offers its services not only to new-build yachts, but also provides repairs or a refit for you. Our team of engineers is happy to discuss what new technologies are available and will gladly advise you on the pro’s and con’s of possible modifications or innovations of your yacht. With our offices in shipyards worldwide we’ll always be able to find a comfortable service location that suits your wishes.

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Bring the knowledge aboard

De Keizer's craftsmanship certainly doesn’t end with the delivery of the yacht. We would like to give the owners team a thorough training so you can bring our expertise with you on board. We’ll inform your captains and first engineers of all functionalities of the Dekasis alarm, monitoring and control system, as well as the DekaSmartGrid technology and software. Staff and crew will be updated on every detail about the entertainment system, so that your crew is fully informed about the use and maintenance of lighting, IT and climate control for a seamless experience aboard.

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Prepared for anything

Premium Service is an exclusive maintenance and support service in which our engineers will visit your yacht yearly to inspect and test all electrical components on board. This tailor made service package including preventive maintenance ensures your yacht is in excellent state at all times, and your guests will never have to experience any disruptions during their stay on board. The service doesn’t stop at (preventive) maintenance; it also includes a 24/7 hotline, training for the crew aboard and speedy emergency repair on location. IT support is part of our Premium Service package as well, keeping all of your AV/IT and security systems up to date.

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Perfect preservation

Good, periodic maintenance is essential to the preservation of your yacht. Just as continuity of systems and installations is essential to keep your yacht ready for departure at all times. De Keizer has organized regular global maintenance programs, so that you can easily visit our offices in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, La Ciotat, Antibes and West Palm Beach in spring and autumn. The periodic maintenance can therefore fit your schedule, whenever you desire. All information and documentation about electric systems installed by De Keizer is stored with us and known to our technicians. This way parts can always be replaced in time and your yacht is at all times prepared for departure.

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Assistance at a touch of a button

The amount of technology on board - and the complexity of it - is increasing tremendously, and we can’t expect any engineer to be able to fix every single issue. In the case your engineer needs assistance along the way or in a port, our service team is at your disposal 24/7. We can help you with advice over telephone or email with simple questions, or by logging into your system remotely to solve the problem immediately. Does the situation require personal assistance or spare parts?? An adjustment or an upgrade? For hands on assistance, one of our service technicians flies in to be at your service on site. With the necessary parts and materials from our central warehouse in Zaanstad (near Schiphol) or from the stock of our suppliers.

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MY Sherpa

Built number: 815

Year: 2018                

Length: 73.60m / 241’6’’

Speed: 15.7 knots

MY Anna

Built number: 1007

Year: 2018

Length: 110.00m / 360’10’’

Speed: 14.0 knots


MY Faith

Built number: 1006

Year: 2017

Length: 96.55m / 316’9’’

Speed: 17.0 knots


MY Madame GU

Built number: 1004

Year: 2013                

Length: 99.00m / 324’10’’

Speed: 15.7 knots

MY Symphony

Built number: 808

Year: 2015

Length: 101.50m / 333’00’’

Speed: 22.0 knots

MY Hampshire II

Built number: 806

Year: 2012                

Length: 78.50m / 257’7’’

Speed: 16.0 knots

MY Pamela V

Built number: 246

Year: 2011                

Length: 44.9m / 147’3’’

Speed: 14.0 knots

SY Athos

Built number: 088

Year: 2010                

Length: 62.0m / 203’41’’

Speed: 14.0 knots